Monday, June 18, 2018

Final Website Reflection

when putting together my final protect I knew I wanted to do something I was interested in and I love going to the beach so that how I came up with the beach store. I  made a easy page with a lot of picture so it was easy to look at and find what you want. To start off my website I came up with the name of the store and the color theme I wanted to have. I picked blues and light color cause it the color of the beach. Then I made the logo which I made the sand and the water to go along with the theme of a beach and really what a beach store looks like. Then I started to come up with what I was gonna sell at the store so I picked bathing suit, cover ups, and some accessories to go along with going to the beach like beach bags , and hats and made a page for each of the things I´m selling and a home page to say some things about my store I created. Some problems I faced was putting some of the picture directly were I wanted them to be. It was also hard for me to find the pictures I wanted to used for my store because there so much to chose from so I personally found what I would of chose if I had to picked what to buy . Also had some trouble lining the words up correctly but I just had to fix my coding. I learned how to fix all my problems I had by the lessons we did throughout this year. Overall I think my website looks good beside maybe adding some more texts to it and I feel like I did a better job on this project then my biography and took my time and it came out better.

Monday, May 14, 2018

biography project

When I was doing my bio project I first picked a topic and used my lesson 14 as a template. I had a problem fitting the background to make it look good. I made the picture bigger so it would fit. I think the best part of my project is how well the color went with each other.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Rules Of Thirds

The photo the sunsets and the building are the top half withe kinda the people in the middle and the sand the bottom haft of the photo

 This photo the clouds are the top haft while the plan trees and little snack thing in the middle of the photo and the decl the bottom haft of the photo

Point Of View

Sideways of the candle

Top of the candle

Close up of the candle 

Far away of the candle 

I chose this item to photograph because it alway in my room and i never see it from all sides i just look at it in one way and it was easy to photograph and now i can see like if a person looking at something in a different way that i could be .